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They have not only mastered the art of Pilates, they’ve mastered the art giving the gift of wellness and health to all who enter their studio.

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Pilates Certification

As San Diego’s leader in Pilates education, Zoom offers Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment certifications in association with the internationally renowned PhysicalMind Institute. Zoom also offers continuing education courses and workshops for all fitness professionals.

Upcoming Pilates Certification Courses:

Pilates Mat Training: Level 1 PDF Print E-mail

Evolution 101: Pilates Mat Training

A PhysicalMind Institute Pilates education course in which professionals will learn to teach Pilates Mat (non apparatus) exercises and classes based on original Pilates Matwork developed by Joseph Pilates. Students will develop an understanding of the Fundamentals of Movement and how these relate to the Pilates work. The course will teach students to recognize correct body alignment, functional movement patterns, and postural imbalances. Students will learn to design a total body floor workout with modifications and progressions that are appropriate for most populations.

Pilates Mat Training: Level 2 PDF Print E-mail

Evolution 201: Standing Pilates, Circular Pilates, and Advanced Teaching Concepts

Take your Pilates Mat to the next level and into the future of Pilates teaching. Experience the new advanced fundamentals and the Classic Pilates Mat exercises reconfigured to Standing Pilates® and Circular Pilates. These sequences require evolved technique; use of the deeper core musculature; and more developed teaching skills. This information takes Pilates to the next level by challenging the students and making Pilates movements more functional to today’s population.

Course content includes online study and in-studio instructiion and practice. 

Pilates Equipment Certification PDF Print E-mail

Concentration 101: Pilates Equipment Certification

In this comprehensive course, professionals will learn to teach Pilates exercises on the equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac/Trap Table, Wunda Chair, and Barrels. Students learn how to design workouts for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced client. Each exercise will be taught in its original version and with evolved modifications and variations that make it applicable to a wide spectrum of clients. Concentration 101 deepens the student’s understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, muscle recruitment, breathing techniques, postural evaluation, programming, cueing, and functional application of the Pilates method.

Advanced Equipment Training PDF Print E-mail

Concentration 201: Advanced Teaching and Functional Equipment Training

A 1 day course that focuses on functionality while integrating the third level of Pilates technique. This course is designed for the certified Pilates instructor who is looking to expand their understanding of Pilates, learn a series of standing exercises using the Pilates equipment, and improve their teaching skills.

Standing Pilates exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair, were created to focus on function. This work challenges the student to work on maintaining postural integrity and correct biomechanics. The third level of technique finds deeper connections in the pelvis, back, legs and feet while decreasing effort and increasing ease.

This is the course to take Pilates teaching to the future.

Rehabilitation Protocols PDF Print E-mail

Concentration 301: Rehabilitation Protocols

A 2-day course that teaches how to train clients with impairments and injuries based on the concept that alterations in muscle performance are the underlying cause. Focuses on healthy joint movement and correct muscle action. This course is taught by a physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor.

Suggested and contra-indicated exercise protocols for: Rotator Cuff Disorders, Shoulder Instability, Frozen Shoulder, Scoliosis, Adaptive Muscles Changes, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Piriformis Syndrome, Bursitis, Hip Replacement, Knee/Leg Disorders, Patellafemoral Syndrome, Meniscus Injuries, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear, Plantar Fasciitis, Inversion Ankle Sprains, Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Pilates Chair Workshop PDF Print E-mail
This 1 day workshop will present classic and evolved exercises on the Wunda Chair. The focus is on how to execute, instruct, and correct a repertoire of beginning, intermediate, and advanced chair exercises. The course is designed for certified Pilates instructors, others may petition for acceptance into this course.
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