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OWNER, pilates instructor,

z-health trainer


  • BFA concentration in ballet from Radford University

  • Minor in Business Administration

  • PhysicalMind Certified

  • Z Health

  • Certification in rehabilitation & pregnancy

  • Post Rehabilitation – IDEA

  • Additional educational emphasis in post rehabilitation, osteoporosis, gait, and pregnancy


  • Experience with many special populations including: pro football athletes, professional dancers, ice skaters, knee surgeries, spinal injuries, pregnancy, osteoporosis, and elderly.

  • Implemented Pilate’s apparatus work out into Radford University’s dance department

  • Performed in several classical ballets and modern performances with the Radford Ballet Theatre

  • Established ballet department for the Hyde Park Gymnastics

Adrienne Dornheggen is a creative and caring Pilates instructor, with more than 20 years expertise in Pilates and Fitness, 13 years as a business owner of Zoom Fitness + Pilates Studio and over 16 years with one on one training.


Adrienne was introduced to Pilates in 1993 because of a dance injury. Her Pilates practice allowed her to continue developing her passion for dance. Pilates was a part of her rehabilitative treatment with Spectrum rehab Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a dedicated ballet student since 1984, Adrienne realized the benefits of Pilates and continued the training as a preventative exercise program. In 1998 Adrienne began her formal Pilates training through PhysicalMind in New York City. Adrienne's Pilates training allows her the opportunity to help many different clients achieve their goals. Persevering and energetic, she is a self-starting certified Pilates Instructor dedicated to helping her clients achieve their personal goals. Adrienne possesses superior communication skills and has extensive experience in developing well-balanced core strengthening program for all levels.

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