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Deb Bischoff

pilates instructor

Meet Deborah!


Deborah Bischoff has been practicing Pilates for 10 years now.  Her Fitness Journey began with a serious illness & health challenges that redirected her life path.  Her first Pilates experience was during a rehabilitation program through her physical therapist;  first day…..15 minutes on a reformer. Over the next five years, working with an amazing Pilates Instructor, and fellow Fibromyalgia sufferer, she not only attained a quality of life she was told would be nearly impossible, she adapted a true consistent Pilates Lifestyle that made her fit & strong not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. As she has shared countless times with people “Pilates is for everyone, no matter what your health challenges are. It Will make a difference. Give it a try and you will be addicted!”

Her intense passion for Pilates and encouragement from fellow fitness friends who had been an integral part of her story on her journey, led her to become a Pilates Instructor. She knows this is her real purpose in life and why she became ill to begin with... so she could know firsthand what it takes to own your challenges and persevere and not let them own you!  “I want to help others, pay it forward, let them see and feel what a difference Pilates can make in their lives.”

She believes Pilates is so much more than exercise. It is education as well as movement of the human body and is transforming. The quality of each exercise, done correctly, prevents risk of injury and the full benefit can then be achieved.  “I just love to see my clients grow, see and feel their passion, then I know I’ve done my job.”  Her focus is surrounding herself with inspirational, positive loving people and using this influx of energy to share with others.

Deborah is a proud STOTT Pilates trained Professional.  She continues to take various courses and workshops to enhance her knowledge and skills.  She currently instructs on all Pilates Apparatus, Pilates Mat with Props, as well as the TRX;  in both a Private and Group setting.  She has been specifically trained and mentored  to help her clients with their health challenges, including both Pre-surgery and Post-surgery/rehab.

“I love my clients.  I see a bit of myself in each one. They have an intense drive and their passion for a healthy lifestyle keeps me motivated as well!”

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