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Pat St. Onge


PERSONAL TRAINER, pilates instructor, z-health trainer

After graduating from San Diego State University in 1992 with a B.A. in Physical Education, I became a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise and in 1994 I started to work as a Personal Trainer in Mission Beach, San Diego. As I build my client basis I continue to attend Health and Exercise Workshops and Conventions to keep up with the latest information in the industry.

In 2004, I also became a Certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor with Physical Mind Institute. Five years later I was introduced by a co-worker to a very unique training technique called Z-Health Performance.

In 2009, I took my first certification with Z-Health Performance which changed my approach to training clients. Z-Health Performance is a technique in which the brain is the target and the body is the means and the window to the brain. For the last seven years I have taken all the courses under the Z-Health curriculum and I continue to re attend their certifications to stay up dated to the latest in the Brain Based Exercise Industry.

Today I considered myself a well rounded Personal Trainer. I am confident in working with clients in all age groups, with any physical problems, with different goals ranging from changing body composition, managing pain, improve performance  and achieving  a healthy lifestyle.

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