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Core Strength, StabilitY, flexibility training,

Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Postural Re-education

Pilates is a series of controlled exercises that combines physical and mental conditioning. You will improve your strength, flexibility, body awareness, and core stability while correcting postural and physical imbalances. With an emphasis on breath, alignment, control, and form, Pilates is appropriate for nearly all individuals.

Pilates has been an effective and accepted method for improving health, athletic performance, and injury rehabilitation since the early 1920's. Recently, Pilates has been embraced by celebrities, doctors, athletes, and physiotherapists for its comprehensive approach to health and fitness.


With Pilates, pain and tension due to postural misalignment can be prevented by re-education the body's movement patterns. With these functional exercises, your movement will be less painful, more efficient, and more powerful. You will feel centered, energized, and recharged.


You'll notice:

  • Lean thighs, hips, and arms

  • Improved work and athletic performance

  • Less back and joint pain

  • Reduced muscle stiffness

  • A sense of invigoration and relaxation

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