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"I love coming to Zoom and working with Deb. She is knowledgeable on every piece of equipment and is always incorporating new exercises. She explains things very well and is always making sure you are using correct form and not hurting or further injuring yourself. I am an ice skater and she has researched specific exercises to help me achieve my goals. Deb is super fun to work with and I always feel so much better after our sessions. I love Pilates, thanks to Deb." - anonymous


"My goal was to get in real athletic shape for surfing, snowboarding, running, and day to day living. I wanted to reach my potential. ZOOM with its wide variety of disciplines has unlocked my body's potential. ZOOM taught me how to train efficiently and with good technique. Over the past ten years injuries halted most progress physically but with the help of my ZOOM physical therapist and trainer, I'm in the best shape of my life. Surfing better at 33 than at 23. Recently I relocated to Encinitas. That hasn't stopped me from making the drive down once a week to get the best possible care in the city. With ZOOM being just off the 163. It's still so convenient from anywhere in San Diego. Along with eating well and working with my trainer at ZOOM I feel it has been one of the best investments of my life." - Ben L. Owner, Filtergrinds Coffeehouse  and Microroaster/Avid Surfer

"The entire ZOOM staff all possess amazing technical skills in a wide variety of fitness disciplines; Pilates, yoga, sports nutrition, injury rehabilitation and prevention. These unique skills are backed up by numerous professional certifications as well as praise from other collogues in the industry. This portfolio of knowledge is unique in that it gives the instructors the ability to customize training curriculums to each client's individual needs. This allows clients to safely progress at a pace that keeps them challenged and at the same time, motivated and wanting to come back for more."
- anonymous

"The Pilates training I've done at ZOOM has changed my body and led to a career change! The improvement I gained from my ZOOM experience convinced me that this type of training is wonderful and beneficial for so many people. I've gone on to complete my Pilates certification and have begun spreading this method of fitness to others."

- Pilates trainer, 25 years old

"My trainers at ZOOM have been super! With Pilates body conditioning I have gotten stronger and more flexible. The trainers combine hard work, concentration, strength, and FUN to make it an excellent place to workout." 
- J.J.

"The knowledge and experience of the staff really demonstrates the caliber of the studio as extraordinary in comparison to other fitness facilities I have been to." 
- P.M. student

"ZOOM is centrally located, easy to get to, and very pleasantly furnished. The team at ZOOM does an outstanding job making us feel both comfortable and challenged with our workouts."
- C.R. 55, retired

"The studio is large and wide open with a lot of equipment. It is a great and welcoming place to work out!" 
- anonymous

"The Pilates training I've done at ZOOM has helped me develop core strength, flexibility, and balance. It's the only fitness experience that I do now except walking. I have osteopenia and Pilates allows me to safely strengthen my body without jarring. My trainer is highly trained and experienced. She is patient with me and very careful that I am not at risk to injure myself. I will continue my Pilates training twice a week. I feel stronger and more focused since I began Pilates training."
- G.B.

"The atmosphere at ZOOM is always full of positive energy, never competitive and never intimidating. Everyone that I've ever spoken with about ZOOM always tells me the same thing…how wonderful they feel when they're training there, even when the work gets challenging and difficult. Shannon, Adrienne and the rest of the ZOOM staff have not only mastered the art of Pilates, they've mastered the art giving the gift of wellness and health to all who enter their studio."
- anonymous

"As a physician, I have of course always been tuned in to the medical model of the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. So when my knee pain didn't respond to medications and cortisone shots and even arthroscopic surgery, I resigned myself to living the rest of my life with certain limitations. But after a biomechanical analysis at ZOOM, I began a prescribed regimen of exercise and of awareness of my own muscle use patterns, and now I'm back to all the fitness activities I enjoy, and my life is immeasurably better for it. I can't thank the staff enough!"
- J.Z. MD

"Shannon is a young woman well evolved beyond her years. She is kind, giving, and a great Pilates instructor. I wouldn't be walking if not for her continued support and efforts!" 
- C.S. PhD, 50 years old

"Shannon always comes up with new, creative, and challenging ways to help me reach my fitness goals. I always look forward to my training sessions with her. I feel re-energized and strong when my training is over. The workouts help me relieve my stress, build muscle and feel good about myself. I definitely see results when I train with Shannon. Her attentiveness to my needs and fitness goals make training very worthwhile. Overall, I highly recommend Shannon as a trainer!" 
- 27, consultant

"Shannon consistently leads an excellent class. She explains all the exercises thoroughly and provides a safe environment for all of her students. Kudos for the great work!" 
- J.H. 28

"The Pilates training that I've done with Adrienne has helped me re-align my body. Pilates has also helped prevent injuries that I was prone to because of the biomechanical 'quirks' in my body." 
- P.M.

"I've been in three major car accidents, 1 major motorcycle accident, and was born with a tropism in my sacral joint and lower vertebrae. When I first started training at ZOOM, I realized there were also a lot of mental issues I had to get past. My trainer simply let my body tell us how fast to progress, with professional and technical testing. Very Cool! We also went over lifestyle issues like sleep. I now sleep at least 6-8 hours where before I was sleeping from 4-6 hours." 
- anonymous

"I have had Pat as my personal trainer for around 2 years. We added Pilates training about 6 months ago and combining this with the strength training and cardio workouts has helped to increase my core strength and improve my balance tremendously." 
- C.C. 55, retired

"I have a long history of chronic pain and have had 9 surgeries in the last 20 years - all in the lower abdomen/core area. Prior to my surgeries I was an active equestrian, golfer, and martial artist. Diana has been my Pilates trainer and coach since 2005. Her support and encouragement play an integral role in my path to regaining my health. Diana has that rare quality that so many professional coaches lack – that is the ability of knowing how, when, and how hard to push her students. I would encourage anyone to work with one of the great trainers at ZOOM! You're never too young or too old to embark on the path to strengthening your 'self'." 
- B.D. 48, entrepreneur

"I started working with Diana in April 2005. I tell many people about how impressed I am with the whole Pilates system. I've trusted the process and I find that I can do any movement easier and with better form (yoga, running, skating, horseback riding – skiing is yet to come and I'm positive I'll be better at it!)." 
- B.S. 45, chiropractic office manager

"Shannon has a vast knowledge of Pilates and anatomy. She successfully transmitted this knowledge to us, her students. As a student, this helped me improve my own practice of Pilates. As an instructor, it made me much more aware of the muscles and bones of the body and their integral relationship to my Pilates teaching." 
- anonymous

"The instructors are very professional as well as personable." 
- anonymous

"Excellent presentation of material – I loved the learning atmosphere created at ZOOM."
- Initiation 201 participant

"Instructors were well qualified and excellent. Also fantastic was the supportive environment fostered. I would definitely return to this studio for more education." 
- Initiation 201 participant

"It was nice to see variations on exercises and to think about how other exercises I already know can have different applications. Shannon and Adrienne are very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the way they presented the information"
- Concentration 201 participant

"ZOOM is a great studio. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful." 
- P.M. Pilates instructor

"Great information. I feel like I have new tools to help challenge my clients in a more functional way." 
- P.S. Pilates instructor, personal trainer

"A fantastic and well thought through presentation and workshop that allows me to instruct my clients for improving their everyday use of Pilates principles." 
- A.W. Pilates instructor

"Pat is a great trainer. She pushes and keeps you going even when you want to quit. She is always careful so you don't hurt yourself. She knows more ways to work different muscles than you can think of, so it never gets boring." 
- 58, retired


"What greater gift is there then to be strong and healthy? I see this gift being given out every day at the ZOOM studio." 
- anonymous

"I've been very focused on training since high school and always thought I had a handle on my training routines and how they were benefiting me and my performance. I really felt that I had everything covered. It wasn't until I started training with Shannon that I realized just how wrong I was. Even though I was strong and fit for my age, Shannon pointed out many areas where I was weak and could make improvements. Terms such as posture, breathing, alignment, power, disassociation... the list went on and on and it was then that I knew I had so much to learn. As depressing and humbling as this discovery was, it was also a positive for me. It opened my eyes and showed me how much stronger I could get and how much more fit I could become. My flexibility has increased, my breathing is more efficient, my balance has improved and I recover much faster from very hard efforts as compared to 7 years ago. The only negative part about my experience with ZOOM is that I can't be there more often to join in on all the fun." 
- S.B. 37, software administrator​

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