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Get Stronger. Live Pain-Free.

There is no escaping it: physical health is the foundation for a satisfying life, and perhaps that is what brought you to our website. In the past, simply exercising regularly was thought to be enough to keep us fit. Modern neuroscience (the science that studies how the brain works) now makes it clear that optimal health requires training for both brain and body that meets your unique needs. At Zoom Fitness, we have trainers who can meet those needs using an innovative neurologically-based approach called Z-Health. Fundamentally, the Z-Health work is designed to help you create and maintain a strong neurological foundation from which to move through life more effortlessly.


Your brain controls all of your activities and all of your responses throughout life and records every injury and trauma you have ever experienced. Your visual, vestibular (balance and more), and proprioceptive (body movement-based) systems all provide input.

Your brain receives all this input, interprets it, and responds. Clearer input allows healthier output, leading to a more efficient and satisfying interaction with the world. Z-Health trainers help you, primarily through movement, with whatever aspects of this process are in need. For example, we may help you clear up sensory deficits, improve brain mapping of areas blurred by prior injuries, align visual and vestibular input, or help rebalance brain function.


Our Z-Health trainers take a thorough history, make neurological and movement assessments, and constantly monitor changes as you move toward better movement and better health. Many of our Z-Health clients see “miraculous” changes - speedy pain relief, increased range of motion, weight loss - but as we say in Z-Health, “It’s not a miracle; it’s neurology,” and our job is to facilitate the neurological changes you need.

Over time, as you develop self-assessment and self-help skills, you will become less dependent on us to assess what makes you stronger and healthier. You will find that your brain and body are designed to move toward health; they have just been waiting for the right kind of input.

The Z-Health trainers at Zoom Fitness have years of neurological study under their belts. They continue to actively pursue their studies, integrating the latest in neuroscience

into their work, in order to offer you the best in cutting-edge training.


In summary, Z-Health brain-based training can help you:

  • Move better

  • See better

  • Balance better

  • Breathe better

  • Feel better

  • Think better

  • Improve coordination

  • Minimize pain

  • Reduce stress

  • Strengthen safely

  • Improve flexibility without stretching

  • Accelerate athletic performance

  • Increase movement vocabulary, try out new ways of moving

  • Deepen a sense of wonder about body and brain

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