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Z Health is a training system that improves the function of your nervous system to allow for improvement in all of your movement, injury, and sport endeavors.

Our nervous system is command central for the entire body. Every body system including our muscles, joints, digestion, and immune system are all controlled by our nervous system. Our nervous system relies on appropriate signals coming in and going out to keep all of the body functioning.

Our nervous system interprets signals from our body to decide if we should feel pain (injury). Our nervous system tells our muscles when to contract and how much can be done before inflicting self harm (performance potential). Our nervous system can prevent us from moving, create weakness or inflexibility, create a pain experience, and even make us sick because it senses a potential threat.

By focusing our training only on muscles, bones, or caloric intake/output we are ignoring the one system that determines the ability of all these other systems to work optimally. Training your nervous system to function better taps into the enormous potential of your individual mind and body.

Finally, the nervous system is fast! That means you can start moving better and feeling better right now.

One important tool we use with Z-Health to improve the health of the nervous system are Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills. These seemingly simple drills, done with consistency and precision can help you take huge leaps forward in injury rehabilitation and prevention as well as functional and sports performance.

Talk to a Z-Health trainer today for more information on training your way to even better results from your Zoom training!

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